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RapidFire RF Football Rebounders [3 Sizes]

Double-sided adjustable football rebound nets made from 1.5mm thick steel. Great for working on hand-eye co-ordination and a variety of football techniques. Suitable for home and club training use. Two different grades of netting, one providing an erratic bounce while the other is more consistent. Foldaway rebounders with detachable quick-release pins and adjusters. Three sizes available.

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Foldaway Football Rebounder With An Adjustable Trajectory

RapidFire RF Football Rebounder Specifications


RapidFire RF80 Football Rebounder

  • Overall Rebounder Size – 2.5ft x 2.5ft (75cm x 75cm)
  • Side 1 Target Area (L x W) – 2.1ft x 2.1ft (63cm x 63cm)
  • Side 2 Target Area (L x W) – 1.9ft x 1.9ft (58cm x 58cm)

RapidFire RF100 Football Rebounder

  • Overall Rebounder Size – 3ft x 3ft (94cm x 94cm)
  • Side 1 Target Area (L x W) – 2.8ft x 2.8ft (85cm x 85cm)
  • Side 2 Target Area (L x W) – 2.5ft x 2.5ft (78cm x 78cm)

RapidFire RF150 Football Rebounder

  • Overall Rebounder Size – 4.5ft x 3ft (138cm x 94cm)
  • Side 1 Target Area (L x W) – 4.2ft x 3ft (129cm x 86cm)
  • Side 2 Target Area (L x W) – 4ft x 2.5ft (121cm x 78cm)


  • Rebound Net (Side 1) – 1.5mm HDPP, 48mm knotted mesh (unpredictable bounce)
  • Rebound Net (Side 2) – 2mm HDPE, 30mm knotless mesh (consistent bounce)
  • Rebounder Frame – Premium 1.5mm black gloss powder-coated steel


  • Rebound nets can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Quick release pins also allow users to convert to a handheld rebounder
  • Features a fully adjustable angle functionality
  • Light-in-weight, ultra-durable & super easy to transport
  • Rebounder folds completely flat for simple storage
  • Low-profile design allows the rebounder to fit into a car boot
  • Large rebounding area which is tight all the way up to the frame
  • RapidFire RF Football Rebounders can also be used for cricket, hockey, rugby, American Football, GAA Gaelic football, hurling and more
Adjustable Football Training Rebound Nets For Freestanding Or Handheld Use

Revolutionise your football training sessions with the RapidFire RF Football Rebounders. Double-sided football rebound nets which are suitable for coaches at all levels of the game, the adjustable bounce back nets feature two grades of netting, each provoking varying ball behaviour. The knotted side gives off an unpredictable and erratic bounce, while the other is smoother and more consistent, allowing coaches to work on a wide range of drills with one piece of equipment. Fully detachable, the football bouncing net can be used as a standalone freestanding rebounder, or it can be taken apart with ease to transform into a handheld football rebound net.

  • Multi-skill football rebounder net which can be used as a freestanding or handheld training net due to its detachable design
  • Double-sided football bounce back nets with an erratic knotted mesh on one side while the other provides a consistent bounce
  • Each frame is manufactured using 1.5mm thick gloss black powder-coated steel while the large rebound area is tight up to the frame
  • Quick and easy to assemble rebounder with quick-release pins and adjuster which folds the frame away after use for storage and transportation
  • Low-profile design which allows the football rebounder nets to fit into a car boot with ease, while the non-slip feet allow them to be used on all surfaces

Expertly designed to provide convenience to all coaches, the foldaway football rebounder is fitted with an innovative adjuster which allows the kick back net to be folded flat for storage. The low-profile design of the football training rebounder net makes it compact enough to fit into a car boot with ease. The adjuster also allows the trajectory of the ball delivery to be altered, ensuring that the football is received at the perfect height for specific drills. A versatile piece of training equipment, it can also be used as a goalkeeper rebounder for catching practice. This versatility allows the football rebound delivery net to be used for heading, volleying, passing, ball control and more.

Manufactured from high-strength 1.5mm thick steel, the ultra-durable training rebounder for football is capable of performing at its peak for multiple seasons without incurring damage. Finished with a gloss black powder-coating, the freestanding football rebounding net is protected against rust and corrosion associated with all-weather training. Built with quick-release pins, the football rebound net requires minimal setting-up, while its in-built non-slip feet allows it to be used on any football playing surface, including grass, astroturf, 3G, 4G and hard indoor pitches.

PLEASE NOTE – The RapidFire RF Football Rebounders are also suitable for a wide variety of other sports, including Gaelic football, basketball, hockey, rugby, cricket, American football and more.

These innovative double-sided football rebounders are a part of the wider RapidFire Football Rebounder range. To view the entire range, please click here.